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02 August 2012 It's going to be a busy month...

August 2012 is fixing to be a doozy at Gumball Poodle HQ. Not only will we be exhibiting at the Toronto Gift Show and POOL, but we are also introducing 7 new sock styles this month! We'll be posting pics of our new styles, one per day, on Facebook (think of it like a digital sock advent calendar...seeing everything at once isn't nearly as fun, right?) starting tomorrow, Friday, August 3. We'll begin shipping these styles to our vendors mid-month so if you see styles you like make sure your local sock hook-up knows! And if you're a shop owner or buyer, be sure to visit us at one of the following shows: TORONTO GIFT SHOW - Aug. 12-15, Toronto, CANADA Toronto International Centre & Toronto Congress Centre POOL - Aug. 20-22, Las Vegas, Nevada Mandalay Bay Convention Center