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07 May 2013 Proudly Sporting NERD Socks & Remembering Mr. Black on National Teacher Appreciation Day

Once a nerd, always a NERD - and proud of it!
Once a nerd, always a NERD - and proud of it![/caption] Turns out May 7 is National Teacher Appreciation Day in the US. Wouldn't you know we were already wearing NERD socks today! Given that Gumball Poodle makes NERD socks, GEEK socks, SCIENCE, MATH, etc. socks you might have guessed that we really liked school growing up. Part of loving learning was the result of having many wonderful teachers, but today we're particularly thinking about Mr. Black, 10th grade History teacher at Cincinnati Country Day (our alma mater). We still remember more from Mr. Black's history class than many of our college courses...and our ongoing fascination with the Middle Ages and Black Death is due in no small part to him. Mr. Black filled his lessons with all the fabulous information that is left out of most text books but really makes subjects interesting (delousing and other historic hygiene practices, for example). Among the fabulous thinkers Mr. Black introduced us to: Rem Koolhaas and Simon Schama. Delirious New York and Citizens are still prominently placed within our substantial book collection. All this brainy stuff aside, though, one of the greatest lessons that Mr. Black brought to his class was passion. Whether you are a teacher, a mechanic, an artist or a sock honcho, bringing enthusiasm to life and work on a daily basis is essential. Excitement and curiosity make life more fun! It's been a long time since we were in school, but we still love to learn. Thank you, Mr. Black, for being awesome!