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02 August 2013 Meet the Staff: Krystal

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Meet Krystal, our new sales assistant.  She helps with getting socks to our retailers and all kinds of other office magic.

We asked her some "would you rather " questions to learn a little more about her.

Would you rather ride Splash Mountain in the winter at night, or never ride space mountain again? 
2/3 times I've been on Space Mountain it stopped and they had to turn the lights on for some reason. Seeing everything in that light-literally, changed my perspective on the magic of it all so i'm gonna go with Splash Mountain in winter because it's California so it's not like it's gonna be snowing, though that would be cool.
You have to give one thing up forever: chocolate or bacon?
Bacon because I've already given it up via vegetarian lifestyle.
Would you rather be called a Nerd or Geek?
I'd sport either happily but i'll go with nerd.
Go back in time to experience Woodstock or VIP at next year's Coachella?
Woodstock because less hipsters.
$17 craft cocktail or dive bar happy hour special?
Dive bar happy hour!
Would you rather never watch TV again or never go to the movies again?
I'd rather never go to the movies again because eventually everything can be viewed on a TV. Though I will be sneaky and probably bootleg them from the internet. You didn't say no computer! :P
Pick an unfortunate allergy: gluten or dairy?
I think any allergy is unfortunate but my affection for ice cream is telling me to choose gluten.
Would you rather have four birthdays or four Thanksgivings per year?
Four birthdays would make me pretty old pretty quick so I'm gonna go with Thanksgiving. mmmmm yams.