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13 August 2013 Meet the Staff: Andy

Andy   Meet our new Social Media Manager, Andy!  He's responsible for doing all kinds of things from Twitter, to Facebook to Instagram to running our awesome sock giveaways.  We asked him some "would you rather" questions to get to know him better.
Would you rather be forced to use a Big Wheel as your form of transportation or drive a ridiculously big and absurdly gas guzzling car ?
I think I'll go with the big wheel.  I haven't owned a car for the last 3 years, which is no small thing in Los Angeles.  I like to think I'm pretty clever when it comes to alternative transportation.
Go camping outside where the bugs are drawn to your specific blood type or sleep inside a hot room that makes you sweat(no windows!)
Hot and sweaty sleep is kind of sexy.  Is it weird to say that?  Plus I really hate bug bites so the choice seems obvious.
Have the ability to learn any language in a day, everyday or have 24 hours of complete and utter knowledge of EVERYTHING but wake up with no recollection of knowing it all?
Language all the way.  How badass would it be if you could start a conversation with anyone.  Every time I walk into the Armenian market in my neighborhood I wish I could speak Armenian.  Living in Los Angeles I wish I could speak Spanish nearly every day.
One of these will vanish from your life entirely forever: Cheese or Whiskey, which do you keep?
Cheese.  Although I do enjoy a good whiskey, alcohol isn't a necessity for me.  Cheese on the other hand I really love.  Put cheese on/in almost anything and it makes it better, right?
Be stuck in traffic for insanely boring hours during your daily commute or fly via private jet but you have to sky dive out?
I'm still getting over my fear of heights and I have a high level of patience, so stuck in traffic sounds like the better choice.  However, I ride my bike to work, so I just go around the traffic.
Be forced to Trick or Treat on Christmas or Go caroling on Halloween?
Trick or Treat on Christmas!  Just think of all the amazing Christmas cookies and whatnot you'd get.
After you have died, would you rather be totally forgotten or hatefully remembered?
Totally forgotten.  Once you're done, you're done.  I just hope to leave a favorable impression while I'm living.