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01 November 2013 Meet the Staff: Cassie



Meet Cassie, our awesome new sales assistant.  She's always busy making sure all the orders get out promptly to your local retailers.  We asked her some "Would You Rather" questions to get to know her better.

Would you rather hip-hop dance in a church during Sunday sermon or give a speech to 1000 people in your underwear?

Naturally petrified of public speaking but totally ok with hip hop dancing during Sunday sermon! I Feel I could get a good dance party going.

  You have to give up one thing: coffee or chocolate? 

Thats easy, chocolate has no chance with my coffee addiction.

  Beer or Vodka?

Duh! BEER!!!

  You have to wear sandals with socks everyday for the rest of your life or you can never wear socks again?  

Never wear Socks again???? That's a horrible idea...socks with sandals will have to do then!! I will make it work!

  Would you rather have as a pet a yappy dog or a hairless cat?  

I already have a Yappy dog. His name is  Tobey, he's a little silky terror that thinks he's a large dog.

  Would you rather spend 6 months alone on a boat in the middle of the ocean or 6 months in prison?  

Rather be on a boat as a pirate sailing the ocean.......Really depends on how you look at it.  I would have ocean life to keep me company.

  Would you rather be called a BITCH or BIMBO?

I would go with Bitch means you have some gusto.


 SCIENCE of course! Much more interesting, science has so many genre attached to it.   Astronomy,  Paleontology, Archaeology, Botany. Sums up my love for dinosaurs and ferns!!