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16 April 2014 Meet Andrea, The Newest Member of Gumball Poodle!

Cute and crafty! Andrea whipped up some Gumball Poodle sock puppets yesterday...Just 'cause. Cute and crafty! Andrea whipped up some Gumball Poodle sock puppets yesterday...Just 'cause.

Gumball Poodle is pleased to introduce our newest team member, Andrea Burr! Hailing from Washington state, and freshly back from Bulgaria (where she appeared on the Bulgarian version of "Dancing With The Stars"! For real!), Andrea's got great style and tons of energy...two things that are essential for everyone at Gumball Poodle.

Andrea will be helping oversee sales and social media, so you'll be hearing from her regularly. We decided to ask her a few "getting to know you" type questions here, though, to start the ball rolling...

1. What's your earliest sock experience?
First off, let me tell you that I was raised in a family with 6 siblings.  My mom kept a communal sock drawer in the laundry room that was filled with loose socks for us kids to use.  My first sock memory consists of collecting all of the “matching” socks and hoarding them, like a hamster, in my room.     
2. Heavy metal, punk rock, or country?
Punk rock!  
3. If you could have any pet, which animal would it be?
A squid!  Preferably a giant squid, but I would definitely settle for a Humboldt, or even a little cuttlefish.  
4. Bacon or sausage?
I love bacon kitsch! However, I have been a vegetarian my entire life, so I haven’t tasted either.
5. If you had a time machine what era would you visit?
I would go back to 1968 so that I could be Jane Fonda’s co-star in “Barbarella”.    
6. Where do all the missing socks go in the laundry?
I’ve been asking that question for years. I can only hope they are livin’ it up with their freedom.    
7. Best Gumball Poodle mix 'n' match?
8. If you could hire any actor to portray you in a movie who would it be and which Gumball Poodle Socks would they wear?
Does musician count? I’d choose Billy Idol in SASSY socks.