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14 May 2014 Win a Weeks' Worth of Gumball Poodle Socks!!

Meet Kk, our newe...
In honor of National Bike Month, this May Gumball Poodle is giving away a weeks' worth of socks to 2 lucky fans! Checkout our Facebook and instagram @gumballpoodle for the contest details! To celebrate National Bike Month, we decided to highlight Gumball Poodle graphics guru Andy, who is the ultimate bike enthusiast. He does not own a car, and uses his bike as his sole form of transportation. Granted he lives in LA where the weather permits year round biking, it is still an impressive feat! Continue reading below to get to know Andy and uncover some bike secrets. Andy sure knows how to ride in style! Andy sure knows how to ride in style!
What was your very first bike?
I think it was some sort of plastic tricycle. I remember it better than my first actual bicycle. I have a distinctive memory for riding it to the park. It had storage under the seat and I loved hiding things in it.
What made you decide to get a bike?
As a child, it was just given to me. It seems like it’s a required part of childhood and it always baffles me when people go well into their adult life without learning to ride a bike. When I was first living in LA I decided to buy a bike because driving to my job took about an hour… and as I predicted, biking took almost exactly the same amount of time.
What kind of bike do you have?
I currently have what I’d consider an “urban bike.” It’s got a full set of gears (no fixie for me!) and tires that lean towards the road bike size but are wide enough to handle the hazards of urban streets.
What is your dream bike? Honestly I don’t dream about bikes the way someone might dream about a fancy car. I just like a bike that is comfortable, practical and reliable.
What is the longest bike trip that you have been on?
I think the furthest distance I’ve done is about 100 miles in one day. I have yet to do a multi-day trip.
On average, how many miles do you bike a day?
Back when I lived in the Valley and worked in Hollywood, I was averaging over 20 miles a day. These days I live a lot closer to everything I need, so I average around 5 miles.
What is your favorite bike route/path in LA?
My most frequented bike route is Fountain ave. I feel like it’s the secret bike street of Hollywood. I also really love biking on the Orange Line bikeway and the LA River bike path.
Do you work on your own bike or do you have a preferred bike shop?
I do the bare minimums like replacing flat tires and greasing the chain. I’m no grease monkey, so when it comes to more complicated stuff, I usually take it to my favorite bike shop, Orange 20.
Have you ever been in a bike accident?
Bike accidents are an inevitable part of the game, but fortunately they are infrequent. I’m always amazed that in the thousands of miles I’ve biked in LA that I’ve only had two collisions with motor vehicles. Both times the motorist was at fault, and fortunately they weren’t serious!
Have you given your bike a name?
Haha, no! The one car I ever owned, however, was a red Ford Focus named Jackie.
Tell me something random about your bike.
Safety first! I always wear a helmet and feel absolutely naked without it. I also have really bright LED bike lights that recharge via USB cable. They were expensive, but totally worth the piece of mind knowing that I’m clearly visible to motorists at night.  
*one week of socks = 7 pairs of GP top sellers of our choice