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07 August 2014 NEW SOCKS ON THE BLOCK!

Pair Tacocat with your new TACO socks!
Pair Tacocat with your new TACO socks!
The summer just got a little hotter! Along with the release of our new collection, Gumball Poodle has put together a  foxy playlist to accompany our new socks! Some of you may be familiar with our amazing sales coordinator Cassie, but did you know that she is also a DJ at KXLU?  She co-hosts a show on Wednesday nights from 7pm-8pm called She Rocks.
Cass Monster and her She Rocks co-host Melissa McAllister. Cassie is a whiz when it comes to band names and song titles, and loves to share fun band based facts on the daily.  Big thanks to Cassie, aka DJ Cass Monster,  for compiling such a rockin’ summer set! There is a song for everyone to jam out to. Take a few minutes to do the pony, jerk, running man, shopping cart, roger rabbit, sprinkler, wobble, shuffle, etc. This playlist will surely excite you from you ears to your socks! Sock on!
The Specials!
         SOCK                                          ARTIST                                             SONG TITLE
  • Taco                                     Tacocat                                             Cat Fancy
  • Donuts                                 Guided By Voices                           Doughnut for a Snowman      
  • Tom Boy                              Habibi                                              Tom Boy
  • Hero                                     David Bowie                                    Heroes
  • Gangster                              The Specials                                    Gangsters
  • Pizza                                     Personal & the Pizzas                    Pepperoni Eyes
  • Camp                                    Bleeding Knees Club                     Camp out
  • Fox- Wayne's World- Garth Foxy Lady
  • Snotty  - Dedicated to the whole album by the Dead Boys titled Young, Loud and Snotty
Stream the playlist on Youtube!
Listen to the entire album in your SNOTTY socks!
Listen to the entire album in your SNOTTY socks!
TOM BOY all day everyday!
Special delivery! New PIZZA crew socks!