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21 October 2014 99 CENT RECORD REVIEW - Funky Friday!

Erica and Cassie getting funky to some Cameo! Dance party in the poodle zone! Here at the Gumball Poodle headquarters, we all have something in common... we love music! Vinyl especially makes us swoon, so it was only natural that we were stoked when Erica brought a record player to the office! Following Erica's suggestion, we decided to do a weekly record review. We'll be taking turns bringing in albums - but there is one strict guideline: the record must be purchased for 99 cents or less! We all love bargain shopping and record bin scavenging, so accepting this musical challenge was a no-brainer! recordplayer This past Friday, we kicked off our listening party with two albums hand-chosen by Cassie at Lollipop Records in Echo Park.  She explained that she was unfamiliar with the bands, and made her selection primarily based on the eye-catching cover art. First up was We All Know Who We Are (1978) by Cameo, followed by Skyway (1980) by Skyy. photo-21 Altogether, both records were a hit! Erica preferred Cameo because of the funky, upbeat party grooves...and because of a few disappointing slow jams by Skyy. Andrea, Cassie and KK all favored Skyy. Cassie summed up the essence of Skyy best, saying, "I was drawn to this record because of the fancy tight white jumpsuits. I was also intrigued by the large number of musicians in the band. I quickly flipped to side B to hear the song Love Plane, which satisfied a funk dance fever in my mind." photo-23 Stay tuned for another 99 Cent Record Review® next week! We listen on Friday, and update you on Tuesday with the 100% raw, unfiltered Gumball Poodle amateur review!