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28 October 2014 TOP HIT OR JUST TOP HAT?

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Today marks our second 99 cent record review! Our latest vinyl, Contradiction by Lions & Ghosts (1987) was purchased at our favorite neighborhood shop - The Last Bookstore.  Erica summed up our feelings best when she remarked that the band looked better than they sounded.
Album Cover
It's true, they had great style! Take a look at the back cover and see for yourself. The band's style is on point!
Andrea couldn't get enough of the frontman's top hat, and Kk said she would have rocked out with Lions & Ghosts in college.  Cassie, our in house KXLU DJ had this to say:
"I felt like I just took a walk in the 1980's movie the Lost Boys. Full of spiky, teased long hair, and tight spandex pants. Atmospheric song for sure, to get you into the 80's moooooodddd.
Excuse me I'm going to go tease my hair now."