Gumball Poodle

$2.00 of FUN!

20 January 2015


The past couple of months have been busy at the Gumball Poodle Headquarters.  Holiday orders kept us engaged round the sock clock, but we are happy to announce that 99-cent amateur record reviews are back! We started off the New Year with not one, but 2 albums. Twice the fun for the bargain price of $2.00! mzi.ymsqmwkf.600x600-75
To get things started, we put on Schizophrenic Circus by the Red Rockers. Judging by it's cover, we had high hopes for the Red Rockers. We anticipated spunky melodies that might help kickstart our sleepy overcast Friday afternoon.  Unfortunately,  we were mistaken.  The band oozed of slow pop rock and each song sounded alarmingly similar. bunnysigg;er
Bunny Sigler to the rescue!! We got the party started with his album Let Me Party With You.  Bunny Sigler's jams are packed full of disco beats that you can't help but groove to.  We were instantly in the mood to don our finest knee socks and hit up the roller rink! We'll party with you any day Bunny!  You bring the tunes and we'll bring the disco ball and socks.