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27 January 2015 BURL IVES FOR THE WIN!

Gumball Poodle hi... $2.00 of FUN!

Cassie, Erica, Owen, Hannah and Andy enjoy the sweet tunes and striking cover art of Burl Ives. We hit a goldmine last Friday when we listened to a 99-cent Burl Ives record! Our newest addition to the Gumball Poodle family, and talented artist Hannah found the album buried in the bargain bins at The Last Bookstore. Total score!


Fridays are Owen's favorite! He loves curling up and snuggling in his chair with Erica while jamming to some musical gems. For the first time over the course of our weekly 99-cent amateur record reviews, we listened to an album in full! Song after song proved pleasing and lent itself to dynamic conversation. All in all, two toes up from Gumball Poodle! Checkout our favorite track, Buckeye Jim. Next week has some large shoes to fill.