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01 April 2015 Gumball Poodle hits the desert road to SXSW!

After-hours at Lo... BURL IVES FOR THE...

Earlier this month, Gumball Poodle set off on a journey to South by Southwest!  We surprised  tour bands, bartenders and music lovers with a pair of sparkly clean Gumball Poodle socks, wrapped up uniquely like colorful burritos. Checkout the snapshots below!


Do not eat,  place on feet! Socks await adventure in the tour van. In the tradition of our you've been poodled program, we set out with a sack of wrapped socks to give to strangers.  First up, we poodled Lolipop Records which caravanned from Los Angeles to Austin, TX for the festivities.


There were a number of rad music venues in Austin! Some of the Gumball Poodle favorites include The Brixton, Hotel Vegas, Mohawk & The Whip In.


Thee Oh Sees at Hotel Vegas

Gumball Poodle caught music acts like Thee Oh Sees and Winter.




Samira Winter, from the band Winter, was stoked to receive socks that matched her new album Supreme Blue Dream. Checkout her video tour diaries for a more in depth SXSW Winter experience.


BEER socks for a bartender, how fitting!


Keep your eyes open, you never know where we will hit next!