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12 May 2015 After-hours at Lolipop Records

Behind The Scenes!! Gumball Poodle hi...

Last week we brought Gumball Poodle socks to Lolipop Records in Echo Park, Los Angeles and spent the evening with some of the kooks involved with the label. They were so stoked on the socks that they ripped them open and popped them on immediately. Louis, the Smash Bros champion of Lolipop, appropriately snagged our GAMER socks; Kayla, a recent New Hampshire transplant, chose the discontinued CALIFORNIA socks; Marion grabbed ZOMBIE; and David went for the BACON crew socks.


The wide array of socks they had to choose from led to some pretty wild conversations. When talk turned to DONUTS at the same time as the song “Let’s Go Everywhere” by Medeski, Martin & Wood (think “I’ve Been Everywhere” by Johnny Cash) came on, the idea was born to create a song about sweets along the same lines. So after making a list six pages long of every dessert we could think of everyone headed into the studio with David, who is currently recording an album for his band Part Time at Lolipop’s studio.


David, Louis, and studio intern Sergio worked out a tune with their instruments and played while the rest of us sat in a circle on the ground talking into one shared microphone about any and all things sugar related.


After two attempts (the tape ran out half way through the first recording) David was sure we had made the beginnings of something worth being included on his next album. Listen for it on Part Time’s next cassette out on Lolipop Records!

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