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02 June 2015 Behind The Scenes!!

Happy National TE... After-hours at Lo...

You're invited! Come take a peek behind the scenes of our latest photo shoot for our New Fall/Winter 2015 Collection! During photo shoots, we like to spin a curated collection of genre-spanning tunes. Punk Rock, Britpop and 80's classics are some of our favorites to get down with. Imagine a performance art piece in an intimate setting with snacks, dancing, scantily clothed performers, and lots of cult like audience participation.  Yes, I just described a Gumball Poodle photo shoot.


Founder Erica and assistant director Sam lend their luscious hair as model Nick works his giant lollipop and heart shades. Any guesses on what his socks might say?


Our rad photographer Julie Klima of Queen Skittles Photography makes magic as Owen, our office pup does some modeling of his own! Woof!


Shoot assistant director Sam stabilizes the human totem pole of Andrea and Ian. I bet you're dying to know what those socks say!




Just another dull day at Gumball Poodle... psych! Boys in new socks, is there anything better? Coach

Heads up!


Is this behind the camera or in front? Is there a difference? Coffee belongs in both places, that's for dang sure! SA&NEPU

Another successful shoot for the books. Thanks for peeking! Stay tuned for the reveal of the New Fall/Winter 2015 Collection coming soon!!!