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11 December 2015 Krampuslauf Takes Over Downtown Los Angeles!

DJ Naughty List o... Happy Thanksgivin...

So, last night Gumball Poodle's neighborhood was swarmed by Krampus...

One of the best things about having your office in downtown Los Angeles is that there is never a shortage of interesting things to do or see... That said, nothing is quite on par with watching 30+ Krampus traipsing by your windows on a dark and rainy December night. 

Last night was the city's 3rd annual Krampuslauf, organized by Krampus Los Angeles. This year's event featured the Moor Troupe from Maishofen, Austria. 

The Austrian costumes are made of animal hair and the masks are all hand-carved wood. The Krampus wear giant bells, carry horse-hair switches and have baskets strapped to their backs (which is where they stuff the naughty children, who are stolen and never heard from again!).

Our photos don't do justice to the amazing costumes (in our defense, it was raining and cold and we were not dressed for either). 

It was also a treat to meet the event's organizer, Al, of Krampus Los Angeles. Last night's Krampuslauf was truly a passion project for him, and it was an honor and inspiration to be part of such a magical event!

We're already looking forward to next year's Krampuslauf and encourage all Angelenos to attend! In the meantime, you can satisfy your Krampus cravings by scoring one of the few remaining pairs of our limited-edition Krampus socks here!