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07 July 2016 A quick visit to Sparks, Nevada

We're Heading to ... Gumball Poodle Fe...

Last Friday we visited Gumball Poodle's warehouse in Northern Nevada...

The outside of our warehouse in Sparks, NV!

While Gumball Poodle is based in Los Angeles, all of our orders ship from Sparks, NV. Our third party logistics center in Sparks is responsible for picking and packing every order we ship, all over the world.

Several thousand square feet at the logistics center is dedicated to our socks! It's wild to remember that when Gumball Poodle started in 2009, our entire inventory was kept in a spare bedroom...thankfully (?) there aren't any pictures of that storage set up. 

The team at our warehouse is pretty incredible, overseeing hundreds of Gumball Poodle orders every week. We're exchanging emails and calls daily, so it was fun to actually spend some quality face time with these folks on Friday!


 L-R: Rob, Ms. Gumball Poodle (a.k.a. Erica), Rosa