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20 July 2016 Candidate Hair Socks Get Popular Vote for Best In Show!

#WBW - Gumball Po... We're Heading to ...

Our Trump and Hillary hair socks were the buzz of last week's Atlanta Gift Show.

Last week was a busy one...our Poodle-in-Chief was in Atlanta meeting with buyers and representing our brand during the Atlanta Gift Show - one of the biggest trade shows in the industry. 

Making things especially exciting, a lot of customers got to see our brand new Hillary hair socks for the first time ever! Tons of folks came by to check out the hair socks after spotting our humongous and hillarious ad in the elevator. 

The Poodle-in-Chief looks like she's falling asleep standing up. It's tough working 12 hour days and smiling all the time!

Highlight of the show: being told more than once (many, many times in fact) that Gumball Poodle's candidate socks with hair were the single best item at the show. There are literally hundreds of thousands of products on display at this event, and a lot of people thought our Trump hair socks were the very best. How awesome is that?!?!

Another pic of the Poodle-in-Chief looking delirious, but happy to pose with a cute hair sock fan.