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24 May 2017 May's #GirlBossGiveaway with Vinca!

Father's Day Spec... DragCon Recap! So...

We're so excited to be partnering on this month's #GirlBossGiveaway with one of our favorite jewelry lines, Vinca!  If you're a sucker for fun, colorful jewelry, prepare to fall in love. 

Based in Austin, TX, Vinca is designed and run by girl boss Amanda Dimova. We met Amanda a few years ago at a trade show and became immediate fans of her bold, acrylic designs. Vinca is not afraid of color or glitter - two of our favorite things - so we knew we'd found a kindred spirit! (Another thing Vinca and Gumball Poodle have in common - both lines are Made in the U.S.A.! Woot!)

In honor of this month's #GirlBossGiveaway, we asked Amanda Five Fast Questions to get a peak into the mind behind all the Vinca magic...

Amanda Dimova - the boss lady and design star behind one of our fav jewelry lines, Vinca!

If you were a Gumball Poodle sock, which one would you be?

WTF with lightning bolt sheer socks - sparkly and cute with a pinch of wtf.

What’s at the top of your work playlist right now?

If I'm working on intense emails (like this one) I prefer the gentle hum of the fridge and silence. Or music in a language I can't understand. I get way too wrapped up listening to lyrics.
A close up of one of Vinca's best selling styles - their giant ice cream cone earrings

Any advice for future boss ladies and gentlemen?

Take a class in anything business related that you don't feel 100% comfortable doing on your own. Accounting, marketing, management, website design, even photography and interior design. Even if you hire someone to do these things, you still need to know how to explain what you want them to do and make sure they're doing a good job.

Who is another Girl Boss who influences and inspires you? Why?

Erica [Gumball Poodle's founder] inspires me! I love stories of people who are just like "I'm gonna do it! I don't know what I'm doing, but here I go!". Sure there are great stories of super successful multi-bajillion dollar companies started by groups of people who find investors and blah blah. While that is inspiring too in a way, I can't relate. Lizelle Villapando of Parts & Labour is a good story. She started a shop in Austin with her friend a decade or so ago, and it became an Austin staple, selling Texas made wares. Their landlord kicked them out in January to demolish the building and build giant condos, but the community came together to find a new, bigger, badder-asser home on the same street. And now they are doing better than before. This is the short version, it was extremely stressful!
Also I'd like to give a shout out to the customers who inspire me. You guys who really think about who makes the things you wear and where they come from, who consciously support small businesses, and who don't want to dress like everyone else, you inspire me to keep making weird stuff! You are awesome.
Behind the scenes: Finishing production on jumbo rainbow necklaces, a classic Vinca design. 


  • Toe Socks - underrated, I love toe socks! I haven't worn them as an adult because they're usually knee high, random colors of stripes.

  • Breakfast in Bed - overrated - hate food and crumbs in bed and always spill drinks on myself. Just ask my bed.

  • Unicorns - well NOW they are overrated. They used to be the symbol of childhood daydreams, and now every festival has grown-ups dressing up like them. Though maybe that's a good thing. I like to live in a society where adults are as enamored with mystical creatures as children.

All those pretty color strips will be turned into rad jewelry at Vinca HQ. (Shout out to Gumball Poodle's GRUMPY socks in this pic!)
Our May #GirlBossGiveaway is happening NOW over on our Instagram, @gumballpoodle - it's easy to enter and you could win an awesome prize pack full of Vinca jewelry and Gumball Poodle socks. You have until 5pm on Friday, 5/26, to enter!
If you enter the contest but just can't wait until Friday to get your hands on some Vinca goodness, head over to and start shopping!
About Gumball Poodle’s #GirlBossGiveaway: Since the media doesn’t always shine a spotlight on all the amazing, smart, fun and creative female entrepreneurs out there, we at Gumball Poodle (a woman-owned company!) have taken it upon ourselves to introduce our fans to a rad and inspiring woman business owner every month. Throughout the week of every #GirlBossGiveaway we’ll feature a 5 Fast Questions Q&A, links to some of our favorite things about the boss lady and her company, and, of course, an exciting Giveaway contest with loads of excellent product. Follow us on Instagram @gumballpoodle to make sure you never miss a beat!