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14 December 2017 Meet crassholes, our partner in December's #GirlBossGiveaway!

How Hard Is It to... Meet Emily McDowe...

Meet Caitlin, the girl boss behind crassholes
We are pleased to introduce creator of crassholes Caitlin, our featured BOSS in this month's #GirlBossGiveaway! Back in 2015, while planning a surprise party for her boyfriend, Caitlin discovered there was a lack of humorous balloons out there. Just for fun, she made some crass balloons for herself. People obsessed over them, and thus crassholes was born! 
Fun fact - Caitlin loves dogs and is an animal rights activist! 
We first met Caitlin at a trade show when her booth neighbored ours. We immediately dug her vibe. She shared donuts, lemonade, and tons of jokes with us. She has a great sense of humor, which translates directly to crassholes' balloons, necklaces, koozies, coloring books, etc.! Gumball Poodle and crassholes are kindred spirits in that we both love to make people laugh. Life is too short not to have fun! 
  All photos courtesy of crassholes. Check out @crassholes on Instagram for complete photo credits and loads more fun photos!
But enough about why WE think crassholes is the best - read our Five Fast Questions below and meet this month's girl boss, Caitlin, for yourself! :
If you were a Gumball Poodle sock, which one would you be?

Can I be two? I would be butts, 'cause I'm pretty much in love with butts. Then I would be the "whatever" sock 'cause my boyfriend says if I could roll my eyes any harder I would pass out.

What’s at the top of your work playlist right now?

Right now we listen to lots of happy folk music! The Lumineers, Family and Friends, Hozier, Alabama Shakes, etc. Or any 90's hip hop. Nothing puts me in a good mood faster than 90's anything.

Any advice for future boss ladies and gentlemen?

It's ok to be scared and overwhelmed. No one knows completely what they are doing, but we all learn from trying. Just TRY. Go for it, and see what happens from it. That initial fear can be so scary to overcome, but take the leap and let the lessons you learn guide you for next time. It's ok to make mistakes! Believe me, no one would be a success now if their road wasn't paved with them.

Who is another Boss Lady who influences and inspires you? Why?

Besides Erica from Gumball Poodle?? (Seriously though, she is a really big inspiration! She has been doing this longer than I and is still so kind and helpful!) It would have to be my mom. My mom is like the baddest of bitches. One of the first female partners at her law firm, constantly fighting to make the world better. In her eyes, there is no such thing as can't. There's always a solution.


  • Avocado & Toast- Overrated! Unless you get fancy with it and put some cheese or something on it! Mmmmm...cheese
  • Sasquatch- Underrated! I think he is probably really nice and would be a good cuddler
  • Rollerskates- Underrated! SO FUNNNNNN

 Win an insanely awesome assortment of crasshole treats paired with Gumball Poodle socks in December's #GirlBossGiveaway! 👇💖🎁

Our #GirlBossGiveaway with crassholes is happening now on our Instagram (@gumballpoodle)! Hustle over and be sure to enter. Contest ends at 5 pm PST, Friday, 12/15/17.
About Gumball Poodle’s #GirlBossGiveaway: Since the media doesn’t always shine a spotlight on all the amazing, smart, fun and creative female entrepreneurs out there, we at Gumball Poodle (a woman-owned company!) have taken it upon ourselves to introduce our fans to a rad and inspiring woman business owner every month. Throughout the week of every #GirlBossGiveaway we’ll feature a 5 Fast Questions Q&A, links to some of our favorite things about the boss lady and her company, and, of course, an exciting Giveaway contest with loads of excellent product. Follow us on Instagram @gumballpoodle to make sure you never miss a beat!