Gumball Poodle

Meet Kim, Our New Sales Assistant!

29 July 2016

1). What is your first sock memory?

Oh boy, that was so long ago! I remember being in kindergarten and my mom would always have me wear these horrendous foldy socks with a strange trimming at the top. I got made fun of one time and it made me cry. Boo hoo.

2). If you could choose an era to live in, which would it be and why?

Me being the history geek, I would have loved to live in 1400-1500's Renaissance Italy. People were able to express themselves openly, whether it was through art, writing, music, etc. There was some judgement that came from expressing yourself creatively, but it never got in the way of letting your thoughts run free.

3). What is your favorite season?

Winter. I'd rather freeze and turn into an ice cube rather than catching on fire during the summer.

4). Do you prefer salty or sweet snacks?

Why not have both? French fries with caramel drizzle, yum. K brb I'm hungry.

5). What is your favorite pair of Gumball Poodle socks?

So far, I'm really enjoying my Krampus socks. Oh so comfy.

6). If you could design a Gumball Poodle sock, what would it say?

Probably HOT CHEETOS. It would be cool if the socks smelled like them too.

7). Favorite childhood game?

I enjoyed video games as a kid. A few of my favorites are Chrono Trigger, Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Metroid. I still play them to this day.

8). Name a celebrity you'd like to see in Gumball Poodle. Which socks would you dress them in and why?

Not really a celebrity, but an amazing human being: Bernie Sanders in Bernie socks! Why, because I can. <3

9). Vodka or Whiskey?

Y u gotta do dis. A tough one but whiskey all the way--can never go wrong with Jameson.

10). Do you have any secret hobbies?

I don't think it's a secret anymore (see # 1) but I love to read history books, anything on cultural/biological anthropology, conspiracy theories....I also do make up on the side which is always fun. OH, and I like to play video games. I still can't get enough of Skyrim.


11). What happens to socks when they get lost?

They probably end up in sock purgatory. Really though, I would like to find that out.


12). Dogs or cats?

Cats. And dogs. Because both are equally cute. 


13). Do you machine or hand wash your socks?

Machine wash so that they can smell extra nice.


14). What is your favorite color gumball?

Blue gumballs. 


15). Tell us something we don't know!

Question is, what would you like to know?