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26 July 2017 Meet Mokuyobi, Our Partner in July's #GirlBossGiveaway!

Meet paper pastri... Meet Twisted Ware...

Julie Pinzor Mokuyobi

Yes, Girl Boss Julie Pinzur has possibly the best sense of color ever and, yes, you are probably going to want to deck out your whole world in her Mokuyobi universe. 

Our partner in this month's #GirlBossGiveaway is Mokuyobi, the cool accessories company founded by Julie Pinzur. Mokuyobi products are immediately distinguishable by their fun and distinctive graphics - also created by Pinzur. That's right, this blonde business woman doesn't just run the company, she designs most of their patterns and sews their production samples, too! 

I first met Julie and Mokuyobi years ago at a trade show. She was a pioneer in adult merit badges, which at that point was a lot of her line, along with cool bicycle caps. We gelled immediately because we were the only girl bosses at that event wearing shorts and sneakers. Since then, Mokuyobi has really taken off! Check their site for patches, backpacks, wallets and clothing in quirky, colorful prints. (Brownie points: all Mokuyobi goodness is made in the USA! Just like Gumball Poodle!)

We are so inspired by the brand that Julie is building...her products are high quality and her designs are unique. This girl hustles, never stops creating, and Mokuyobi is truly an expression of her kind and adventurous personality.

But enough about why WE think Julie's the best - read our Five Fast Questions below and meet Julie yourself!:

Mokuyobi Julie Pinzor

This is what a 21st century CEO looks like! Julie Pinzur of Mokuyobi always rocks great patterns. 

If you were a Gumball Poodle sock, which one would you be?

DEFINITELY the banana split troll, the color combo is top notch! One of my faves.

What’s at the top of your work playlist right now?

Anything Justin Bieber

Any advice for future boss ladies and gentlemen?

The most important thing in starting a brand is to create something new and different. Look at every detail in your product and ask yourself why it's made like that. If it's useless omit it. If it can be made better, improve it. Never add anything to something just because other brands did it that way first. Be an innovator and have a unique voice.

Who is another Boss Lady who influences and inspires you? Why?

Recently I have been reading/watching a lot of insight from Oprah and I really love her zero tolerance attitude toward dealing with people and things that keep you from reaching your goals paired with focusing on being the best version of yourself and elevating yourself to create the magic you were meant to make.


Toe Rings Overrated. Let's leave the 2000's in the past

Smores Overrated. Not really a marshmallow kind of gal

Lockness Monster Underrated. Fear the unknown


Mokuyobi Gumball Poodle prize #GirlBossGiveaway feminist entrepreneur

Win a Mokuyobi backpack stuffed with Gumball Poodle socks in July's #GirlBossGiveaway! 


Our #GirlBossGiveaway with Mokuyobi is happening now on our Instagram (@gumballpoodle) so hustle over there and be sure to enter...literally everyone at Gumball Poodle wants to win this one (sadly, for us, we can't enter our own contests)! Contest ends at 5 pm PST, Friday, 7/28/17.
About Gumball Poodle’s #GirlBossGiveaway: Since the media doesn’t always shine a spotlight on all the amazing, smart, fun and creative female entrepreneurs out there, we at Gumball Poodle (a woman-owned company!) have taken it upon ourselves to introduce our fans to a rad and inspiring woman business owner every month. Throughout the week of every #GirlBossGiveaway we’ll feature a 5 Fast Questions Q&A, links to some of our favorite things about the boss lady and her company, and, of course, an exciting Giveaway contest with loads of excellent product. Follow us on Instagram @gumballpoodle to make sure you never miss a beat!