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30 August 2017 Meet paper pastries, Our Partner in August's #GirlBossGiveaway!

Meet Soap & Paper... Meet Mokuyobi, Ou...

Girl Boss Margaret Haas has created an empire of delicious paper products and beyond!  Cards, stamps, pencils oh my! 

Our partner in this month's #GirlBossGiveaway is paper pastries, the playful Los Angeles- based stationary brand created by graphic guru and all around paper goods genius Margaret Haas. 

We first met Margaret and paper pastries when her office moved next door to ours in downtown LA. She shared donuts with us, and the rest is history!

Not only is she a genuinely great human, she is also a major boss lady! Along with paper pastries, Margaret is also a founder of LA Pen Pal Club and arguably the person who made witty statement pencils "a thing" (there are a bunch of fun pencil sets in our Giveway, btw!). Her playful sense of color and subtle wit has drawn a huge following of paper pastries fans. As a brand that loves color and word play, we definitely look up to paper pastries and the power house it has become. 

But enough about why WE think Margaret's the best - read our Five Fast Questions below and meet Margaret yourself!:

paper pastries HQ (shown above) is packed full of colorful treasures!

If you were a Gumball Poodle sock, which one would you be?


What’s at the top of your work playlist right now?

Cold war kids, patsy cline and the revivalists

Any advice for future boss ladies and gentlemen?

It’s not going to be easy but don’t let that stop you.

Who is another Boss Lady who influences and inspires you? Why?

Jordan Ferney. She is always coming up with big projects and ideas, and executing them beautifully. I would love to visit the Color Factory in San Francisco.


  • French Tips
  • French Fries
  • Dinosaurs

All overrated but if you like them, you do you.

Win an awesome assortment of paper pastries goodies paired with Gumball Poodle socks in August's #GirlBossGiveaway! 
Our #GirlBossGiveaway with paper pastries is happening now on our Instagram (@gumballpoodle) so hustle over there and be sure to enter. Contest ends at 5 pm PST, Thursday, 8/31/17.
About Gumball Poodle’s #GirlBossGiveaway: Since the media doesn’t always shine a spotlight on all the amazing, smart, fun and creative female entrepreneurs out there, we at Gumball Poodle (a woman-owned company!) have taken it upon ourselves to introduce our fans to a rad and inspiring woman business owner every month. Throughout the week of every #GirlBossGiveaway we’ll feature a 5 Fast Questions Q&A, links to some of our favorite things about the boss lady and her company, and, of course, an exciting Giveaway contest with loads of excellent product. Follow us on Instagram @gumballpoodle to make sure you never miss a beat!