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11 April 2017 Meet Wendy Lazar, Founder of I Heart Guts

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Get inspired by an entrepreneur who inspires us!

This brand doesn’t just make science sexy, it makes science cute and cuddly.


Chances are you’ve seen I Heart Guts’ adorable plush organs before - they’re in just about every museum and science store in the country. Or maybe you read about I Heart Guts in People, or The New York Times, or Bust?

But while all this success and press is well and good, it’s not the only reason we asked Wendy Lazar, founder and Prez of I Heart Guts, to be our inaugural partner in our #GirlBossGiveaway series. You see, way back in 2009, when Gumball Poodle was an itty bitty company with just 6 sock designs, Wendy was the first entrepreneur to get behind our brand. At our very first retail pop up event, she took us under her wing and from that point on Wendy has been our ongoing cheerleader, champion, commiserator and inspiration. (She’s also hella funny.)

And while we could continue gushing about Wendy as our entrepreneurial role model, we want you to meet the boss lady herself, in her own words - so take a minute for 5 Fast Questions with Wendy Lazar, founder of I Heart Guts and our partner this month in Gumball Poodle’s Girl Boss Giveaway!:

  1. If you were a Gumball Poodle sock, which one would you be? GEEK
  2. What’s at the top of your work playlist right now? Spaced Out by Cloud One is a big earworm for me right now.
  3. Any advice for future boss ladies and gentlemen? Keep trying, even when you fall down and skin your knee socks.
  4. Who is another Boss Lady who influences and inspires you? Why? Tina Roth Eisenberg, a.k.a. design blogger Swiss Miss, founder of Tattly and Creative Mornings. She is endlessly thinking up new projects and is also a nice person. That’s a rare combo.
  5. Overrated/Underrated:
  • socks n sandals: underrated
  • pineapple on pizza:  underrated
  • cats: overrated

I Heart Guts Wendy Lazar Gumball Poodle GirlBossGiveaway

Love Wendy as much as we do? Then you need to head over to I Heart Guts stat!

Want to win a bunch of gutsy, socksy goodness? Head over to Instagram to throw your hat in the ring with our #GirlBossGiveaway - happening now until 5 pm PST on Friday, April 14!


About Gumball Poodle’s #GirlBossGiveaway: Since the media doesn’t always shine a spotlight on all the amazing, smart, fun and creative female entrepreneurs out there, we at Gumball Poodle (a woman-owned company!) have taken it upon ourselves to introduce our fans to a rad and inspiring woman business owner every month. Throughout the week of every #GirlBossGiveaway we’ll feature a 5 Fast Questions Q&A, links to some of our favorite things about the boss lady and her company, and, of course, an exciting Giveaway contest with loads of excellent product. Follow us on Instagram @gumballpoodle to make sure you never miss a beat!