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26 August 2016 Trade Show ReCap - Summer 2016 Sock Shows in Vegas and Atlanta!

Do You Eat Any of... #WBW - Gumball Po...

The summer 2016 trade shows are over! It's a little bittersweet...the shows are tons of work and a little bit dreaded when you are getting ready for them, but once you are there, meeting with customers, hanging out with your vendor buddies, working crazy hours, the trade shows are actually pretty fun. 

We kicked off the summer season at the Atlanta Gift Show. This one is always insanely busy so I was stoked to get a shot of our elevator ad in a rare empty elevator (7:30 pm, the last day, there's a reason I look so tired)!


After Atlanta, it was on to Las Vegas for the Vegas Gift Show. Highlights included increasing our sales at this show more than 50%, binging on pizza with some of my fav bosses (shout out to Super Sparkly Safety Stuff and Capabunga!), and my buddy Gabe snapping this ridiculous shot of "Donald" and "Melania" with our socks. 

Which looks more like The Donald? The impersonator, or the socks?!?

A quick trip back to Los Angeles and we turned right back around to Las Vegas again - this time for Magic. We have to set up the display for POOL trade show ourselves; GES brought the added excitement this time by losing our entire booth set up for several days and sending us into a panic. Luckily, they located our booth and our socks and we set up for POOL without a hitch!

Ignore the ugly carpet - enjoy the rainbow of socks!

A close up view of our booth at POOL. EAT ME socks are getting to be very popular.

End of show, packing up. Get me out of here - I want to go to Guns N Roses!

So, how best to celebrate an awesome show season? By seeing Guns 'N' Roses the day you get home! GnFnR! And The Cult opening! Only bummer from that killer show was no "My Michelle"...

Not In This Lifetime...A perfect way to end the show season! GnR's still got it.