Gumball Poodle


06 March 2015

Name: Zane Rubin


Occupation: Hopeful filmmaker & actor

Zane2   What is your favorite worst movie ever? What is it about? Mamma Mia. It's a musical (set to ABBA) about a girl trying to find her real father. At the end she decides to let all 3 potential Dads share her and not get a paternity test. What?! Zane12   Which American Girl doll did you have? Rebecca Rubin, we share the same last name. Zane9

If you could time travel to any decade, which would you choose and why? I'm a Jewish female, very few decades would be enjoyable. But I think I'd probably just go back to the 90s. Play it safe.


What is your birth stone? Pearl.


What is your favorite Gumball Poodle sock? The ones with the clown on them.


If you could design a Gumball Poodle sock, what would it say? School Sucks.


What is your favorite color gumball? Pink.


Peewee's playhouse or Reading Rainbow? Peewee's playhouse.


What is one thing you love so much you could take a bath in it? I love cheese, but a bath of cheese would probably ruin cheese for me forever. So maybe just something from Lush.