Gumball Poodle


02 June 2015

Name: Risa Rubin  Occupation: Musician
1.What do you do for fun?
Take short road trips kitchenNI


2.What is your favorite Halloween costume that you’ve worn?
Punk when I was 6 or 7
What is your favorite Gumball Poodle sock?
Maid of honor




If you could design a Gumball Poodle sock, what would it say?
If you could choose a movie to live in, what would it be and why?
Manhattan without having to date Woody Allen. Because it is a magical movie.




What is your hidden talent and how did you discover it?
Photography. I spent almost ten years taking pictures because I was too scared to pursue music.
Who is your celebrity doppelgänger?
I have been told that I look like both Scarlet Johannson and Kristen Schaal, so I am going to average those and assume I am somewhere in the normal range of what people look like.




Who is your favorite musician and what do they sound like?
I like the sound of old jazz singers and new sort of freak folk music. Someone I just discovered who sort of bridges these two together is Karen Dalton.
Markers or crayons?
Markers. Crayons never come out dark enough.