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Ribbed Gym Sock

Who said this first? 

A) Kim Kardashian

B) Anna Nicole Smith

C) Mae West

Regardless of the trivia, many of us can relate to the phrase It's Expensive To Be Me. So why not alert the haters with some fashionable, statement gym socks?



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Unisex, one size fits most. Cotton-polyester-spandex-rubber blend.

🇺🇸Made in USA 🇺🇸

These wide ribbed socks reach to mid-calf on most folks and fit a women’s size 6 US to men’s size 15. As a thicker weave, these socks are optimally worn with sneakers and other roomy shoe styles. Machine wash cold, line dry.

So, wtf?

Get these socks. They're only $ 13.

One Size Fits Most. Cotton-polyester-spandex-rubber blend.

Machine Wash Cold. Hang Dry.

Made in USA.

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