About (Old)

Gumball Poodle is the result of a lifelong love of fashion and one great, random idea. After dabbling in fashion design, styling and PR, then building a career in retail, I had a flash of inspiration in the spring of 2008: the United States’ Presidential campaigns were in full swing, political merchandise was hot and I wanted Obama knee socks. Except that no one made them. So, I made the initial run of Obama knee socks on a lark, intending them to be just a one off. But the socks were a hit, garnering nationwide press (from Marie Claire to LA Weekly to The Oregonian) and I was having fun...A business was born. The little business launched by the world’s first-ever presidential knee socks (and known for it’s first two years of existence as Rock Socks) has become Gumball Poodle, a truly unique hosiery company. We make socks that look like no others yet are loved worldwide - our socks can be found in shops across the USA and all the way to Japan, from snowy Sweden to sunny Australia. Gumball Poodle socks are quirky and colorful, inspired by vintage Americana and pop culture, everything from roller skates to Rick James. I like people who are outrageous and passionate (Cyndi Lauper is one of my earliest icons)...and I don’t think Gumball Poodle will ever be described as understated. So get crazy with your socks already! Have fun with your hosiery! No matter how you wear them, if your socks are Gumball Poodle you’ll be making a statement. Yours Truly, Erica Easley