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Dress Knee Sock

Seasons may change, fads come and go, empires rise and fall, but one thing’s for certain: damn, it feels good to be a GANGSTA. Metallic gold, black lettering, black heel and toe caps, these blinged out dress knee socks pack serious style and swagger. It’s like wearing a diamond encrusted grill on your feet, that’s how much the metallic thread sparkles! These socks are pretty hardcore and not quite as soft as the rest of our line, so not recommend for those with sensitive skin. As for the rest--what are you waiting for?




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Unisex, one size fits most. Cotton-polyester-spandex-rubber blend.

🇺🇸Made in USA 🇺🇸

This is a dress weave knee sock and will fit from a women’s size 6 US to approximately a men’s 12.5 US. Knit in a thinner weave, these socks are best suited for lean to mid-sized legs. They fit to the knee up to about 6’, and wear comfortably with all shoe types. Machine wash cold, line dry.

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Get these socks. They're only $ 14.


One Size Fits Most. Cotton-polyester-spandex-rubber blend.

Machine Wash Cold. Hang Dry.

Made in USA.