Bunnie Reiss, a self-described tiny rebel with a large imagination, has been keenly aware that the world is a gigantic place since her young days raised under the big blue skies of Colorado. She's since been just about everywhere else in the world, but we caught a moment with her to talk a bit about her Art, her life, and her favorite color. Check out her collection with us here and peep the interview below!


GP: You’re quite the well traveled artist! What would you say takes you from city to city? Do you feel as though your art has changed from place to place?

B: I've always been very interested in the human condition, and traveling to various places around the world gives me a whole different scope of how various worlds are interacting with one another. There are very specific vibrations to places, and when you visit them and paint on their streets you can feel everything. It's magical. I look forward to traveling again soon when the world feels more accessible. 


GP: Do you think you were born in the right year? If you had to transport your consciousness on the time continuum, when would you choose to land?

B: If I could, I would switch myself back in time to a place where I could land as a 20 year old following Led Zeppelin in the 70's. I would visit Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters at La Honda, listen to Jerry Garcia as a kid in the Electric Koolaid Acid Tests and party with Mountain Girl. I am a psychedelic creature that was for sure born in the wrong year ;) 


GP: Your work moves seamlessly between grounded depictions of nature here on earth and fantastical view of whats beyond it. How do you feel these relate to you, and to one another?

B: I think you just nailed a perfect description of my personality: completely grounded and also floating slightly above the ground at all times. A real conundrum that leads to great art making.


GP: What’s something you have to do before creating? Are you a creature of routine or more spontaneous?

B: I usually need to clean my space and make sure I have at least 24 hours of uninterrupted time. I'm not really into small spurts of art making, and instead tend to dive in for several days. It can take a bit of planning if you actually have a life outside of your practice.


GP: What’s your favorite color these days?

B: Lately I love green/blue, shades of turquoise and mint


Bunnie and Gumball Poodle have collaborated on making three fantastical crew socks that will sweep you off your feet and into timeless serenity. Keep up with her here