Some time in the mid-’aughts, our founder, Erica, started thinking about how boring her sock drawer was. Already a prolific vintage t-shirt collector (we’re not kidding, she wrote a book about it), she realized socks had a lot in common with tees - they’re both everyday garments - but unlike T-shirts, sock fashion was limited to a few stripes or maybe a polka dot if you got lucky… What if we started seeing socks as textile billboards, just like T-shirts?

From that single observation, Gumball Poodle was born! We’re founded on the ethos that self-expression is one of the best parts of life, and what you wear is a huge part of that!

We believe in authenticity, community, and sustainability. This means we want people to be comfortable being themselves! We design socks that bring people together, and we do a damn good job at it, too. Everything we make is proudly Made in the USA, using high quality materials that keep you comfy year after year after year 😝. 

Our whole thing is good vibes, which should explain the bright happy colors and funny stuff we put out 🥴, but beyond that, we love supporting causes that we believe in.

We give regularly to amazing non-profit groups like…

Seeing as we’re a pretty LOUD brand, it’s no surprise we’ve caught media attention from magazines, talk shows, tv shows and even been spotted on some of the most celebrated tootsies in the world (yes, we mean Beyoncé’s tootsies. And Madonna’s too.) 👀👑


We’re about a good time! Don’t take yourself too seriously (we sure don’t), and laugh as much as possible. Warm feet and a happy heart make a good life, dontcha think??



At Gumball Poodle, our core values revolve around authenticity, self-expression, and the freedom to be unapologetically yourself. But it's not just about feeling good while wearing our socks; it's also about feeling good about how they're made. That's why Gumball Poodle is deeply committed to responsible production and sustainability.