We caught up with one of our lovely collaborators for a quick q&a. Have a peek into the genius that is Dreyfus Art!


Dreyfus is a mixed media artist based in Boise, Idaho.

For her, art is really about building relationships; Between artist and viewer, artist and collaborator. She hopes that her art and subjects will resonate with people in their day-to-day lives. Many of her works consist of these magical beings she calls 'Alter Egos' who come out to play in her world, free of judgement, filled with color. 

We both found some time to sit down and talk a bit about all things Dreyfus! Check out the work she's done with us here, and check out the interview below!



GP: I’ve never been to Boise - do you think it’s influenced your art? How would you describe the artist community?

D: Boise is awesome! The city and my community have influenced my art a ton, A lot of my inspiration stems from interactions and conversations I have with friends. Boise's art community is a bit smaller than most cities, but is growing everyday and offers so much diversity. There are opportunities and support for artists of all skill sets in our community, it's truly so cool living in a place that is very accessible for artists to create and have a voice!


GP: Where did your alter egos come from?  

D: My Alter Ego character is inspired by the way I view the world, through a perspective of having no conformity or comparison. The characters first came about 5 years ago, right after I graduated High School I decided I wanted to challenge myself to learn how to draw digitally, so I made a commitment to draw a new piece of art every day for a whole 365 days to learn new skills and develop my art style. One day I started drawing the funky blobby character with three bumps on its head and it stuck from there. I became obsessed with drawing the character and eventually I came up with it's name, "Alter Ego"


GP: With that in mind, do you think the alter egos eat? What kind of stuff? 

D: I believe the characters probably have a hearty diet of drinking 3 cups of coffee a day and eating endless amounts of pizza. Maybe some fresh fruit here and there. Their eyes are always bigger than their stomach and they are okay with it :)


GP: If there’s something you want your work to communicate to its viewers, what would you want to be people’s takeaway in 3 words?

D: Uforia, Positivity, Likeness


GP: What’s your favorite color in this moment?

D: My favorite color right now is bright orange!


Together, Dreyfus and Gumball Poodle have made three gorgeous crew socks that whisk us away to her magical land, with her magical friends. Take a  walk in her world!