Cali Good Life

Cali Good Life

We’ve got a brand new collab!


Gumball Poodle has teamed up with the very fabulous Cali Good Life to bring you 4 new styles that celebrate all things SoCal 🤩 


It’s the never ending summer in the timeless myth of Beverly Hills, where money is no object, but your pool boy might be 🥵 

Cali Good Life is run by our dear friend Rex, who we got to catch up with to learn a bit more about the brand and why it makes us feel so, sooooo good 🌴 ☀️ 😎 

You may already know we're supporting a fantastic charity called GLSEN, giving away 10% of our profits from the Pride Collection, so we thought we'd add 4 new styles into the mix... good for your sole, good for your soul 😉 🥰 🦶 


Check out the Q&A below!


GP: How did Cali Good Life come about? 


REX: Cali Good Life came about when I was at Sony Pictures, working on promotional items for film releases. While creating promo items I would sketch T-shirt designs on my down time. I felt at the time I couldn’t find any cool T-shirts at stores, So I imagined the shirts I’d want to wear!


GP: You have BME (Big Model Energy)… what’s that about?


REX: Yes, I was a model in the early 90s in Europe.  

The day I graduated USC I left for Milan. I’ve always loved fashion as a kid so this was a dream come true! I floated around Europe for about 10 years and had fun working with Versace, Moschino ( who was an amazing man, btw) 


GP: Wait wait wait… how did that happen?


REX: I was asked by a modeling scout to go to Europe while on campus here at USC.

Our first casting meeting for his fashion show was in his office bathroom…


GP: …


REX: It’s not what you’re thinking! 

He was remodeling his office…

And he thought this was the best option. I told him this is the strangest casting I’ve been on and the rest is history. This story can go on forever. 


GP: Being a queer creative, how has your vantage affected the way you move through the world, specifically as it pertains to what you create? 


REX: Pride month for me is just trying to to be with my queer extended family and celebrate our friendship. 


GP: What's your favorite part about the queer scene in 2022? 


REX: Summer tramp pool party in DTLA! I’m looking forward to that for sure 😎 


GP: Between the two sensations of a humongous sneeze, or finally remembering something that you couldn't think of and its been bothering you all day... what is more satisfying? 


REX: Since my head is always moving at lighting speed, it’s always a relief to remember or even find something I lose. Mainly my keys 😬 


⚡️ Lightning Round ⚡️ 


GP: Overrated/Underrated, ready?:

REX: Hit me.


Timotheé Chalomét?

Underrated in Dune only. Overrated in every thing else…


Bianca Del Rio?

Under for sure 


Rami Malek's Portrayal of Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody. 

Way overrated 


Billy On The Street? 



Jared Leto's sex appeal?

 Do people find him sexy?? 


Let’s say Brad Pitt is over and under. He’s definitely sexy and aging well… I find that sexy 😉