Cat People Vs. Dog People

Cat People Vs. Dog People

The eternal feud between Friends-of-Felines and Canine-Companions has been hard fought with hardly any clear winners between factions.

In an effort to contribute to the healing of humanity, Gumball Poodle's Department of Diplomacy has quantified and analyzed results from a recent survey. With the admirable goal of determining the superiority of personality types, we want YOU - our dear reader - to relish in the results. 


DOG PEOPLE - Here's the good news:

You're 11% more conscientious than cat people.

Congrats to you dog-folk - You plan better, adhere to your sense of duty, and are considered a self-disciplined member of the community

You're 15% more extroverted.

You're certainly an enthusiastic breed - the worlds thanks you for your outgoing optimism 😊 

You're 13% more agreeable.

Your altruism is showing...You're likely lauded for your kindness, affection, and sociability. 

Eternally Loyal by Nature

Point Dogs: Your barking buddy will be by your side through thick and thin... no one loves a person more than that person's pup 🥲 


Need training

They don't start out quite right. Dog's are plum fools when they're born, and it really takes diligence and perseverance to get Fido actin' right. 

Need a bathroom escort

They need to be outside to do their business... come rain, come shine, come snow, come sleet... the shit show must go on 💩 


CAT PEOPLE - We've got good news for you too!

11% more artistic.

Congrats! Your artistic curiosity and non-traditional thinking has propelled the world into a brighter future. Must be that top-of-the-fridge-vantage...

Low-Maintenance by Nature.

Cats are kind of the 'set it and forget it' pet. They'll occupy themselves with... whatever they do... and you can go about your own thing. Meeting occasionally to chase feathers or stare judgmentally at house guests. 


Cats know this about themselves, and by all appearances, don't seem to give a shit. 'New People' is SO 2015 (or earlier). Cats have known this for millennia. 


12% more neurotic

Worriers by nature, cat people usually have more anxiety than their dog-loving counterparts. 

Shits in a box

While it may be considered convenient as part of their 'set it and forget it' nature... a pungent litterbox could explain the standoffishness.


To be totally honest - the results of the survey hardly make a solid argument in one way or the other... but the pictures were cute, eh?


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