It's National Puppy Day!

The cutest puppy you'll see today, probably.
It’s time to start chewing on your most expensive pair of shoes and shitting with reckless abandon… it’s National Puppy Day!
Of all the important national holidays out there, this one ranks among our very favorite. Not that we need any more reason than this:
...buuuuut here are a few extra reasons for your Wednesday:
1.) Puppies sleep an average of 20 hours per day, which helps develop their brains, bodies, and immune systems. Who’d have thought they had the meaning of life figured out this entire time?

2.) Researchers have discovered that looking at pictures of puppies can actually help you focus better. Focus on what? We didn’t care to look much further… 'cause look at these damn cuties!

3.) They're brilliantly manipulative - Those adorable "puppy eyes" aren't an inadvertent expression of canine emotion; they're a deliberate ploy to get our attention. Puppies (and adult dogs) have learned that raising their eyebrows, which makes their eyes appear bigger and sadder, makes them magnets for human affection.
There are plenty of ways to celebrate today - go adopt a puppy, donate to an animal shelter (or national non-profits like ASPCA), get yourself some puppy socks, or just keep staring at more puppy pics!
Happy Puppy Day!