You probably already know this, but we’re of the mind that the clothes we put on our bodies should look as good as they feel on us… so it makes perfect sense that we’re teaming up with our lovely friend LORD VON SCHMITT to bring you the best undies you’ll ever wear!
Everybody loves a giveaway 😍 We'll be giving away a pair of these technicolor dream undies along with THREE of our latest knee sock styles!!!
Rotate them based on how you're feelin, or gift a pair to one of your... compatible mates 😈 
We’re obsessed with the creativity that goes into making these unique, gorrrrgeous garments, and decided to explore the mind behind these fashion statements! Check out the Q&A below!
GP: Hi!!! So where are you from? 
LVS: I'm from a small town in the Sierra Foothils, Nevada City, CA.  It’s the only funky dot in a stretch of redneck towns along the Eastern side of the state.  It’s a hotbed of music and fashion, a place with far more talent than opportunity.  Until recently the cannabis industry supported a wide variety of artistic lifestyles.     
GP: Did you study in college? (If so) where? I feel like they don’t offer crochet majors... How did LVS become your main jam?
LVS: I graduated Columbia university alongside Gumball Poodle Executive Erica Easley herself!!  We were considered rogue DJs for our late night radio show, and we graduated wearing bunny ears.  The visual arts department begrudgingly awarded me a degree.  I learned knitting and crochet in my time off as an English teacher in Barcelona.  After several years abroad I returned to the US and started seeing all these crochet textiles in thrift stores in the form of afghan blankets.  My first forays into repurposing crochet sold on Etsy so I went with it!!
GP: What are your artistic influences? 
LVS: Early Hollywood, LSD, Rick James, Mervyn’s, Scott Joplin, India, Northern Soul, Native Funk and Flash, Gaudi, the Kentucky Fried Movie, Phillip K Dick, Erte, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Spaceballs.
GP: Do you think you were born in the right year? If you could transport your consciousness and creativity on the time continuum, when would you choose to land?
LVS: I think it would be better if I were born sometime in the future and lived my life backwards so the climax was in like 1973.  
GP: It’s fun to see designs that blur the gender binary, is this something you consider consciously as you create your pieces, or is it a natural byproduct of your creativity? What does queerness mean to LVS, how does it influence you?
LVS: I don’t have a consciously queer angle to anything, I can’t see it.  It’s like to trying to hear yourself sing.  You think you’re hitting the correct pitch but when you listen its just what came out.  I just think Im making a pair of shorts as well as I can, the queerness is what everyone else perceives.  
GP: Do you have any dream pieces you want to create? Something completely ridiculous and non-practical, but like… way beautiful?
LVS: Interestingly enough, the more hideous and offensive the work is, the more likely it sells! Slim, petite, fitted?  Likely to languish on Etsy.  Oversized, garish, blobby?  Moves fast, gets 5 star review. 
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