Spread Cheer This Year!!!

Spread Cheer This Year!!!

While we’re spending time with our best friends and family this holiday season, we should remember that the holidays can also be stressful… especially if you work in retail 😱 


For certain professions (ie retail, delivery and airline workers 🛍 📦 ✈️ ), the holiday season can be a real unmitigated hellscape🔥.


Dealing with a merciless onslaught of shoppers, and travelers and what-ever-else… these folks deserve a drink 🥃…


If you work in one of these fields, we appreciate you SOOOOO much! We wish we could email you a cocktail, but the technology isn’t quite there yet 😢… so we’ll settle for the softest most gentle ‘thank you’ vibes for now 💕 💫 💕 


If you don’t work in these professions, and have the privilege of getting a break from work or school… chances are, you’re gonna run into someone working the ‘holiday front lines’ - as it were. Take the chance to spread your cheer to these wonderful workers!


Pass them a thank you note…


…Some comfy socks 😉…


…Or maybe even just some cold hard cash to warm their hearts. 


The holiday spirit knows no bounds, and you can be a part of it by sharing your love to others this year. 


Happy Holidays from your freaky friends at GP 🧦 😚