The History of Christmas Stockings 🧦

The History of Christmas Stockings 🧦

Holidays are a fun time to point out strange human behaviors. Sometimes we, as a people, participate in rituals that have no practical sense to them, but we do that thing... cause it's just what we do 🤷 

Why is there a special Christmas Sock? 

This burning question had to be answered, so we sent it over to our research department. Turns out, the tradition doesn't come from nowhere: 

In the olden days of yore, all of the children were basically the cast of "Oliver!".
Covered in soot and grime, these children would spend their days sloshing porridge about, chasing hoops down snowy streets, and generally getting their feet wet. As such, upon retiring from each day in their miserable Victorian lives, they would dry their socks by the fire. This was especially necessary in the winter, when snow would soak their tattered garments and tiny British bodies down to their weakened little bones.

Old Saint Nicholas (who had at this point been dead for about 1,500 years) chose to redistribute his wealth to children in the night time. Which doesn't make much sense, with or without context.  He chose to leave his gold coins in the children's hanging socks, which makes about as much sense as all his previous choices up to that point. The coal slathered children soon caught onto St Nick's sock habit, and decided to set aside one sock, dedicated specifically to the receipt of small riches.

As time wore on, the stocking tradition evolved, as did the stockings... Have you tried to actually wear a Christmas stocking? They are itchy, they fit weird , and they're too big to fit in a shoe. Regardless, the tradition wears on (hehe). 

Merry Christmas (if you're into that kind of thing;)