The Illustrious History of Socks

The Illustrious History of Socks

We throw 'em on nearly every day, these perfect mittens for the foot, and yet their genesis is as elusive as a toe in work boots. Our research department traveled the world, interviewed historians extensively, and scoured the innumerable sources that would enlighten us to this month's burning question: 

How did socks start?

Derived from the Latin soccus, which means 'light slipper'

The earliest socks were simply animal hides tied around the foot (a practice Gumball Poodle cannot support), but soon evolved to matted animal hair or other rough, woven fabrics. 

It turns out that socks, like most things from 1000 years ago, sucked complete ass. They were terrible and uncomfortable. Just look at this pair of the world's oldest surviving socks:

Earliest surviving pair of socks. Not Big Bird's amputated feet. 


As the world slowly turned, revolutionary moments in the world of socks changed the course of history. Some footnotes include the advent of the knitting machine in 1589, the invention of Nylon in 1938, and the founding of Gumball Poodle in 2008. 


Fortunately, we live in the 21st century, and have not only comfort, but STYLE at our finger tips.