The Ultimate GP Holiday Fashion Guide (You're Welcome)

The Ultimate GP Holiday Fashion Guide (You're Welcome)

Of all of the stresses and anxieties that circulate our holiday season, we're certain you've lost sleep over what to wear to grandma's holiday dinner. We get it. Stop crying. We got you. 


We found some of the most festively fashionable garments the world has to offer, and have culled the list down to some essential outfits with the perfect sock pairing, so you can finally relax and focus on what really matters this time of year (drinking). 




ALF Sweater $40 / Kittens Gym Socks $13

Get that fuzzy feeling with everyone's favorite ALF to keep you warm... and ALF'S very favorite - KITTENS on your feets!




Snowman Blazer with Slacks $65 / I ❤️ to Fart Gym Socks $13

Introducing: the monochromatic wonderland of your dreams... but something




Y2K Sequin top, $53 / Too Old To Party Too Young To Retire Gym Socks $13

If you have any memories of Y2K... these socks apply to you 👴 👵 




Snowman Sweater with decorative testicles $60 / Hung Gym Socks $13 / I Don't Wear Underwear Gym Socks $13

Everyone knows snowmen don't wear underwear, but an ironically lesser known fact is that they're all packing massive snow hogs




Unisex Knit Tutu $80 / I'd Fuck Me Gym Socks $13

A unisex knit tutu with some I'd Fuck Me socks will make the yuletide about as gay as It can get.