Gumball Poodle

All of our socks are unisex, one size fits most. We have several weave styles (weave style is listed under each product) with different attributes:

Athletic Knee Socks – our stretchiest socks! Our athletic knee socks are known for their incredible stretch, perfect snugness (they really do stay up through all kinds of activity) and luxe cushion foot. These socks are appropriate for lean and muscular legs alike; they fit to the knee from 5’ – 6’2” and foot sizes from a women’s 6 to a men’s 15.5.

Dress Knee Socks – these socks feature a thinner weave making them ideal to wear with loafers, oxfords and other dapper footwear. While stretchy, these socks are best suited to lean to average legs. They fit to the knee on persons 5’-5’10” tall. Dress Knee Socks comfortably fit women’s 6 – men’s 12.5 foot size

Dress Crew Socks – these socks feature all of the stretch and fit attributes of our Dress Knee Socks except they don’t reach so high! As crew socks, these styles are designed to reach no further than mid-calf.